About Schirmer Theatrical


What We Do: Schirmer Theatrical LLC, part of the Music Sales Group, is a creative producer of fully-licensed symphonic cinema (film with live orchestra) concerts, high-end symphonic experiences and theatrical concert productions.

We are the only company of its kind that creates and produces fully-licensed symphonic cinema, commercial symphonic experiences and theatrical concert productions entirely in-house.

How We Started: The Music Sales Group is one of the leading international independent music companies, comprised of a global group of wholly-owned subsidiary companies active in commercial and classical music publishing, film, television, media, recordings—and with the creation of Schirmer Theatrical in 2016—live concert and theatrical productions. We have offices around the globe, and a dedicated group of over 400 amazing employees involved in every facet of the music industry.

How We Work: Schirmer Theatrical’s roster of Grammy, Tony, and Emmy-winning producers, arrangers, directors, production designers, video and sound engineers, works directly with our in-house creative and technical teams to design every facet of high-end concert and stage productions, from video and digital development, score production and editing, to lighting, sound and production design.

Licensing: All of our productions are fully-licensed productions,  including music, film & image rights.  For music rights holders, we offer an unparalleled level of service to insure proper management and tracking of performing rights income in addition to other applicable rights (including rental and/or usage fees).  For film and image rights holders, we offer exceptional value and tracking.  We are creator-focused, insuring that all rights holders are appropriately and fairly compensated.

Our Mission: Create extraordinary and innovative state-of-the art concert experiences that elevate, entertain and enlighten concert audiences around the globe.

Our Motto: The Future of Music is Visual

Creative Team

Robert Thompson, President & Creative Producer
Michael Mushalla, Executive Producer
Alyssa Foster, Producer
David Flachs, Director of Publishing Administration
Ronen Shai, Senior Multimedia Editor
Jeff Sugg, Senior Production Designer (Handmade Media, LLC)
Guy Barash, Head of Digital Strategy
Brielle Schiavone, A&R and Press Coordinator
Laura Stanczyk, Theatrical & Casting Consultant (Laura Stanczyk Casting)
Charles Yurick, Video Design Consultant
John Kinsner, Tech Supervisor (Black Ink Presents)
Corey Field, Licensing & Legal (Corey Field Law Group)

The Music Sales Group

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