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Symphonic Cinema (Film with Live Orchestra)

A film by Godrey Reggio, Philip Glass and Jon Kane

From experimental director Godfrey Reggio and Golden Globe winning composer Philip Glass, the creative duo known for the Qatsi trilogy, their 2013 documentary the Visitors is available for screening in a film with live orchestra performance.

This 87 minute wordless film, a series of 74 shots in black and white monochrome, begins and ends with the image of a gorilla. Pushing the bounds of avant-garde and essay films, Visitors holds up a mirror to what it means to be human while exploring humanity’s trance-like relationship with technology.

In recalling their collaborative conversations about the music, Reggio recalls Glass’s breakthrough realization that for Visitors, Reggio wanted “music for the attention of the audience,” as opposed to music that illustrated the imagery. Glass was immersed in the imagery, making frequent visits to on-site shoots and Reggio’s studio, before beginning to compose. The creative team, including  Jon Kane (the associate director, producer and editor), then spent two weeks listening to Glass’s early compositions to find what Kane described as the “voice of the music.”

Steven Soderbergh, with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra performing, presented the film with live orchestra world premiere for Visitors on September 8th at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). The film with live orchestra production is available from Schirmer Theatrical and Columbia Artists, in association with Pomegranate Arts.


“It’s a bold, beautiful, uniquely moving cinematic experience, and the live orchestra component is the proverbial cherry on top.” – Steven Soderbergh

“Music has always played second fiddle to the screen experience. But here, it is an equal partner.” —Godfrey Reggio, Director





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